Monday, August 24, 2009

Being Unique is Not that Great

I once read that the study of Japan causes one to become broken-hearted. Expectations always end in disappointment as Japan is "unique" and prone to ignore its best interests.

I think this is true. It is also a lonely pursuit.

My horoscope reported one day this difficult past week that

Some of the best parts of a relationship are being great friends, partners in crime and mischief makers.

How I wish.

Many who study Japan are extraordinarily talented, witty, and perceptive. Some are even brilliant. However, they simply cannot get along with each other and cannot see their way to cooperation or collaboration. "Relationships" quickly disintegrate to competing interests, dysfunction, and commitments.

US-Japan relations is thus reduced to being managed by the cautious, self-important, and unimaginative--the congenial.

The lack of a coherent, thoughtful Western policy toward Japan is the result. Diminished, indeed mediocre talents on Japan have led to diminished expectations of Japan. Thus, Japan has been allowed to wallow socially, culturally, and politically in the 1950s.

I am trying so hard to be optimistic about the election on the 30th that is supposed to end 50-some years of one-party rule. And trying hard to believe that America's Alliance Managers will have the wisdom to appreciate the opportunity presented to them.

And I am also trying hard this week to feel better enough to get up the strength to stop watching morning TV like Kathy Lee and Hoda.

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  1. "Broken-hearted" is a mild way to put it methinks. "Borderline-nuts" might work too.


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