Sunday, February 7, 2010

My street during snowmaggedan


  1. I was at Andrews AFB back during what I guess was the last big snowstorm in the DC area, and it was much less than what I understand you've had this year. Still, it was utter chaos and panic.

    If it makes you feel better, they are again predicting snow in Tokyo for tonight. For some reason I doubt it...

    Hope it isn't too bad for you.

  2. We have passed the 1888 record. The area is about to be declared a disaster zone and the Federal government has been closed for an unprecedented 4th day. Schools will be closed until Tuesday. And Congress is in recess.

    Our street has never been plowed and there are downed tree limbs everywhere. There are 2ft icicles hanging off my house. And it is very windy today.

    Another storm is expected on Monday!

    Thank you very much for caring, I appreciate it very much. One feels so abandoned.


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