Monday, August 29, 2011

Too Hot to Fish

A radio journalist interviewed me today about Japan's putative Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.

I noted it was not much of a surprise as it was signaled for months. Noda is an articulate politician who is respected by business and financial experts with real grassroots origins. He is not a controversial choice.

His election further defangs the DPJ's dark prince Ozawa and shifts the party center right. The focus of his tenure will be the domestic economy and consensus building with foreign affairs put aside much to the frustration of the U.S.

If anything, Noda's statement that he did not consider those Japanese convicted of war crimes to be criminals, helped rather than hurt his candidacy. It established his conservative bone-fides, created a bridge with the LDP, and set himself up for a small confrontation with China. Noda and others clearly noticed that Prime Minister Kan's tough stance against China proved to be popular. It dramatically, albeit temporarily, spiked Kan's polling numbers.

But most interesting, I thought, to my listening audience--Vatican City, Rwanda, and Kiribati--would be mention of how Mr. Noda described himself. So I concluded:
What can you say about a prime minister that wants to be compared to a fish? A friendly, adaptable, hardy fish. A bottom-feeder no less.
The fish in question is the Dojo Loach. According to Loach Online:
This somewhat "bulletproof" aspect of the fish does not mean that corners can be cut in its care in the aquarium though. Big fish such as this require excellent filtration and frequent water-changes. 
They are a very peaceful fish and can become quite tame, often feeding from their owner's hand. They are also quite long-lived, and if cared for well can become quite a Pet. Because of their sociability, they should not be kept singly as they like to sit in groups when at rest. They will often sidle up against one another and feel one another with their barbels.
I do not make this stuff up. This is science.

Oh yes, the Asian Loach is an invasive species in the West.

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