Monday, July 27, 2009


The world struggles with what to do about Burma and its human rights violations. Currently, the country's ruling generals are holding a Kangaroo court to try Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Japan is doing its part. What exactly it is doing, is subject to some debate.

Ms Suu Kyi faces five years in prison if she is convicted of having violated her house arrest when an American man swam to her lakeside home uninvited. Her lawyers are scheduled to deliver their closing arguments on Tuesday. A verdict is expected in two to three weeks or mid-August.

On August 22nd, shortly after the verdict, the Japanese Embassy in Burma along with the Japan Foundation and fashion designer Junko Koshino will hold a fashion show and dinner at the historic Strand Hotel in Burma's former capital, Yangon.

The show is to highlight Japanese lifestyle and culture. It is part of Tokyo's Japan-Mekong cultural exchange year program.

Most consider Japanese statements Burma to be tepid and actions nonexistent. I do not believe Prime Minister Aso has commented and the official spokesman says that Japan "observes the situation with deep concern, and hopes that democratization in Myanmar will be promoted with participation of all the parties concerned and that international community could give a high regard for a general election in 2010."

The designer featured at the former Imperial Army barracks (The Strand), Junko Koshino, is no stranger to contrasting images. The Osaka-born designer's philosophy is summed up by the word taikyoku, which in Japanese means "extreme opposites."

Later: The Court nows says it will issue its verdict on Friday, July 31st.

Still Later: The Court announced on Friday that it will put off the verdict until August 11th. There will be still time for Ms. Suu Kyi to catch the fashion show.

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  1. Will Miss Universe Japan be showing off her new costume there?


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