Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Bite

Among the 11 fashion trends spotlighted in February’s Elle is jewelry by Tokyo’s Inoue Hirotaka. He is getting a lot of mention lately, and at the very least, his publicist is determined to make him the next big thing. Although Tokyo is the place for innovative clothing and fashion, I frankly can’t recall any big name, must-have Japanese jewelry designers.

Maybe Hirotaka and his darker-side-of-nature inspired gold and platinum ornaments will change this.

Elle featured a gold hear shaped pendant that opens in the middle into a pointy-toothed mouth. I wish I had a larger picture to share with you, but this is the best I can do. Is the message that love bites or the wearer has a hungry heart or someone should be careful about touching another’s heart?

Some of his pieces are skulls and snakes. They are an expensive, whimsical nod to the latest grunge/punk/goth/girl with the dragon tattoo trend (I plan to someday turn up at CSIS dressed like that, but that is for a later blog). He is better when he is serious about nature's influence instead of trying to reinvent it. He is also better when he avoids the skulls as if he were Alexander McQueen East.

Not sure I would want that toothy necklace for Valentine’s day (yet it is memorable), but something Hirotaka would be nice. Although he seems a bit trendy, and his work might get dated quickly, I am simply weary of things from Tiffany. Somehow I have been given every Tiffany item that I do not want and do not like. Hirotaka still has room for growth and experimentation.

Among Hirotaka’s more imaginative nature-shaped pieces are his thorn rings made of gold or platinum and adorned with tiny diamonds. That is my choice of a thoughtful gift. Every relationship is thorny, far from perfect, but precious in its own way.

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