Sunday, March 22, 2009

And Everybody hates the Jews

On the blog, Minoru Morita Unravels Japan, the authors report that:
Atsuyuki Sasa, former chief of Japan's National Security Council (1986.7.1 - 1989.6.30) blames the financial scandals in the US on the "Jews" during a Saturday morning program. 

Here's a translation courtesy of a source at the Wiesenthal Center (Japanese speakers, watch the video for yourself. It's irrefutable.):

「ひどい事をしているのはユダヤ人ですよ」 (Hidoi koto wo shite iru no wa yudayajin desu yo It is the Jews who are doing these awful things).

The TV host apologizes for the comments, but Mr Sasa counters:

「いつでも受けて立ち ますよ」(Itsu demo uketachimasu yo. I'll stand by my statement at any time).
In Washington, Mr. Sasa is a favorite among the "alliance managers." He is considered a sober commentator of US-Japan security issues and often participates in conferences and private gatherings. He was even at the White House for an appointment with Torkel Patterson and Mike Green at National Security Council Asia desk the morning of 9/11.  One wonders what impression he had of American crisis management that morning. 


  1. It's Sassa, no? Would be nice to see this get more attention and to have people stop talking about Tahara Soichiro's non-statement the other day instead.

  2. That is what I thought too, but USG recent reporting says Sasa. So I am going with the current flow. I try to avoid getting into the transliteration-see-how-much-I-know wars. Wade-Giles had worked perfected fine for me.

  3. It's not so much a transliteration war as it is just getting the guy's name right (at least according to his own website and the entry on him, among other sources). Anyway, given that the guy's already 78 one wonders if Sankei et al. will pull his public platform out from under him as a commentator past his prime and a liability to them.


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