Monday, March 16, 2009

Missing Children

I realize that not many people read this blog, nor will, but I have a request to my few readers.

My interns, friends, and I have searched the Internet for mention of House Resolution 125 on Child Abduction in the Japanese press. None of us has found anything.

It appears the tens of thousands of dollars the Embassy of Japan spent in Washington to try to squash or change H. Res. 125 went unnoticed. Maybe the lack of publicity was the Embassy's win. The Embassy was certainly caught unaware of how troubled members of Congress are by Japan's unwillingness to sign the Hague Convention.

If you have seen any mention of the Resolution and the vote IN THE JAPANESE PRESS, I would be grateful if you would pass that article along to me.

Thank you.


  1. Interns? An armchair? Got it - you're a dentist.

    Few readers? Give it time. Keep writing good shit and they will beat a path to your door. There are only a handful of folk blogging about J-politics in English as you know, and they are, with a few noticeable exceptions, mostly either elitist twerps; dorks into anime and robots; or unknowledgeable amateurs, like Our Man, just practising their typing.

    Don't know nothin' 'bout H Res 125 neither, sorry.

  2. No, not a dentist. But, I am a Mom so I do have all sorts of other medical specialties. These include neurology, ear, nose, and throat, and dermatology. Per chance, do you have any rashes?


  3. I have heard/read nothing about it either including on TV, but I am not a regular watcher. Being a bit cynical, I would put my money on it being a minor story hidden on page 20 if it ever made the news. (I could find nothing on Google Japan, either, but it is tough to search there.)

    And yes, be patient, you'll get more and more readers..


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