Sunday, March 29, 2009

Washington, This Week

My Chinese intern and I were on Capitol Hill on Friday. Among the many pictures she took is the one above. This week the cherry blossoms will be in their full glory.


  1. Half of Kyoto is blooming right now as I'm stuck inside working on a project. The DC blossoms were great when I saw them last year, but nothing beats sitting under them and drinking with a group of friends...something you can't do in DC.

  2. Oh yes we can. And we plan to do just that this week. Ok, maybe will we will have to keep the beer in a paper bag, but it still will be wonderful under the blossoms around the Tidal Basin.

    And David if you are reading, you would be amused that my Japanese intern can't understand why some of the cherry trees are not pink. They must not be Japanese she says...

  3. I'm kinda hoping to see some pink ones here as most around my place are white. Then again, I'd be happy to see any as it has turned cold and few are blooming yet in Tokyo. They are several days later than predicted.

  4. I heard there was a demonstration going on at the Japanese Embassy and other places around the Capitol Building; Something about international child abduction. I guess Japanese citizens have been abducting Americans for years to Japan. Did anyone in DC see the demonstration, if so how was it?


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