Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Did I read this correctly? The Nikkei reported today (March 4) that:

Toru Hasuike, deputy representative of the Association of Families of Abducted Victims, attended a meeting yesterday of the Parliamentarians League to Promote Normalization between Japan and North Korea (chaired by Taku Yamasaki). Hasuike stressed that "dialogue" should be promoted in Japan's foreign policy toward North Korea, saying: "The government needs to think about what the origin is of North Korea's anger and resentment toward Japan. We have reached an important time when a flexible response is necessary." He proposed the realization of an early meeting between the parents of Megumi Yokota and her daughter Kim Hye Gyong.
This still does not define success, but it appears that some members of Rightist controlled Abduction group are trying to think outside their handlers' narrow political interests.

Just this afternoon, I advised some friends that they should slow down and be a bit more patient with political Japan. Something is happening that we are not seeing. Around the edges it appears that parts of the DPJ agenda are being co-opted by the LDP. And the good guy image of the DPJ is being shattered. Finally, change in Japan that we are used to.

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