Friday, March 6, 2009

Speaking of Deep Sea Fish

Above is the Krøyer's deep sea angler fish. These fish have round flabby bodies with a soft fibrous skeleton and prickly skin. Like most other deepwater anglerfish this fish has a small eye, no pelvic fins and is colored black. It has a moderately sized mouth and the fishing lure on top of the head is as long as the body and topped by a small luminous bulb. Between the lure and the dorsal fin is another thin filament about half the length of the lure.

Males are free swimming when young but before they mature these small fishes (about a tenth the size of the female) attach themselves permanently to the hind body of the female and become parasitic. Their blood supply becomes continuous with that of the female and most of the internal organs degenerate: they become simply appendages to supply sperm when required.

Not much left to say after that other than most women throughout the food chain would agree.

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