Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hard Power

When asked, I said I was rooting for the Mets.

However, I think I was supposed to select either the Japanese or the Korean team to win the World Baseball championship. I really couldn't tell you a Swallow from a Cardinal, but I do know that men seem to take this game seriously.

Prime Minister Taro Aso takes his baseball seriously. On Tuesday, when he congratulated the Japanese baseball team on winning its second consecutive World Baseball Classic title, he said ‘‘The fundamental power of our country was reaffirmed through this tournament.’’ 

Really? I think we need to introduce him to Thunderdome.


  1. I personally love how some of the same people taking pride in Japan's victory in America's Pasttime don't watch Sumo because too many foreigners are ruining Japan's Pasttime. Does Asashoryu reconfirm Mongolia's power every time he throws his competitor out of the ring?

  2. I never heard MangaMan's comment, but then again, I try to avoid listening to him anymore.

    The WBC was BIG here---everyone was watching/listening to it. A few were quite disappointed that it wasn't very popular in the US. I tried not to refer to it as spring training games for reasons of personal safety.


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