Monday, March 30, 2009


There are no heroes. I would like a hero. I would like someone decisive and strong and right. Someone to protect and defend me. Someone always with the right words to say and always there when you need him. Save me from myself. But I have given up.

Maybe, I should continue waiting. Maybe, he just got lost. As the Washington Post pointed out today, 24's Jack Bauer does not follow known "geography" when he is in Washington:
Last week, for example, the show's indomitable hero, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), temporarily thwarted a small gang of domestic terrorists/male models who were trying to get their hands on a vaguely described bioterror weapon. The action took place at the "Port of Alexandria," an apparently bustling, but heretofore unknown, container facility on the Potomac River.
This was just a few hours after Jack had thwarted (he does a lot of thwarting) a group of commandos who had taken over the White House and captured the president. The insurgents entered the executive mansion via a fiendishly clever route: They scuba-dived under it and tunneled into it. According to "24," 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. sits atop a large body of water. (The Tidal Basin? The Potomac? The Chesapeake? Unclear.)
Motorists on "24" routinely defy Washington's time-space-traffic continuum, reaching their destinations in impossibly short order. The White House to Foxhall Road in Northwest Washington, a distance of 3.2 traffic-clogged miles, in five minutes? In rush hour? Good luck! The Beltway to the FBI Building (8.4 miles) in seven minutes? Can do!

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  1. It's all true. Jack can do that, but how is classified.


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